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What is YaS☀️lR ?

YaS☀️lR is an Arduino / ESP32 firmware for Solar Routers, compatible with most of existing and easy to source hardware components.

If you already have a Solar Router at home based on ESP32, built by yourself or someone else, there is a good chance that YaS☀️lR will be compatible.

What YaS☀️lR is not?

YaS☀️lR is not a product and is not packaged with any hardware. YaS☀️lR is only the software layer that will run on the Solar Router of your choice that you will have to build (or already have).

YaS☀️lR Vision

YaSolR is built with this vision in mind:

YaS☀️lR Features

🚧 means In Progress

2 Routing Outputs

A routing output is connected to a resistive load and controls its power. Each output is composed of:

Each output supports the following features:

2 Relays for additional resistances

2 additional relays can be uses to commute (on/off) a resistive load with a known and fixed power. They can be used to control additional resistances of a water tank, for example to use 3 resistances instead of 1, and activate them in steps based on the excess, as described in the recommendations to reduce harmonics and flickering.

There is no hysteresis on the relays, so they will be switched on or off immediately when the threshold is reached. If you need to activate or deactivate other types of load in a more complex way with some hysteresis, you can use the MQTT, REST API, Home Assistant or Jeedom to query the Virtual Power metric and execute an automation based on this value.

Features for each relay:

Grid Power Measurement

Measuring the grid power is essential to know how much power is available to route. The measurement device needs to support 2-way measurement: positive power when importing, negative power when exporting.

Supported measurement devices:

Thanks to power measurement, the router also provides these features:

Note that the JSY-MK-194T has 2 channels, so it can be used both to measure the grid power but also to measure the total routed power of the router (2 outputs combined). It cannot be used though to independently measure each router output.

Home Automation Systems

The router exposes a lot of statistics and information through MQTT and REST API and provides a very good integration with Home Assistant or other home automation systems. The router can be completely controlled remotely through a Home Automation System.

Monitoring and Management

Networking features

Pro features

The Pro version is based on ESP-DASH Pro and ElegantOTA Pro, and provides a better Web interface from which the router can be completely configured and managed. The Free version is based on ESP-DASH OSS and is just showing the overview page. The configuration can still be done online through a “Debug Configuration” page.

Alternatives and Inspirations

This project was inspired by the following awesome Solar Router projects: