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YaS☀️lR Downloads

Please make sure to download the firmware matching your board.

Firmware files are named as follow:


Open-Source version

Firmware and source code are available at

Pro version

Firmware are available at

This location is only available to Pro users and you must be logged into your GitHub account to access it.

Please go to the Buy page if you are interested in buying the Pro version.

Trial of the Pro version

These limited trial can be used to test the Pro version. They come without support, will last 3 days of uptime and after that, the firmware will stop working.

If you need to extend your trial period: you can re-flash the factory firmware, put your settings back, and you will be good for another 3 days of trial.

Trial version downloads:


In any case, any sponsoring is greatly appreciated to help me continue working in this project and all other project I maintain (see all the Open-Source projects and Arduino / ESP32 libraries I have created). Here are 2 ways to sponsor:

Using GitHub Using Paypal